24/7 Hotline: (916) 509-1087

Placer Snake Removal is a safe, humane rattlesnake removal service available 24/7 across western Placer, western El Dorado, and the eastern Sacramento county region. Scheduled services for rattlesnake issues is available as far south as the Sonora region in Tuolumne county, northward to Corning, east into the western slope of the sierra, and west to Sonoma county. Aside from emergency rattlesnake removal (in the mentioned emergency response zone), we also offer thorough property inspections, to sweep through and remove any rattlesnakes or any species requested, check for problematic spots, and give you information about what you may be able to do to limit future run-ins and such.

We are not a capture and kill service, as stated above. We relocate all the snakes we remove, seeing how killing them is simply not needed once they’ve been safely captured. Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem, and if they’re to be decimated, we would have bigger problems than the occasional snake traveling into a backyard for instance, including increasing rodent populations and rodent borne diseases. Contrary to popular belief, they won’t harm you if you don’t harm or toy with them, in fact, they avoid contact with humans and predators in general as much as possible by hanging out in places where it’s easy for them to escape. If you don’t like the idea of a rattlesnake in your yard, have pets or children who frequent the yard/property, work in your yard often, or simply have too many on your property it’s hard to avoid them, well, that’s where we come in!

We do what average pest control companies don’t: remove snakes completely unharmed and relocate the snakes into uninhabited regions where they can thrive with little threat of them wandering back to housed areas. Some pest control companies claim they work rattlesnake issues, but will probably end up using ineffective repellents, or traps that inhumanely injure or slowly kill snakes. Snakes aren’t your typical pest anyway, they’re key predators to the ecosystem and don’t wander onto your property/yard/house to scavenge or try to harm you, they’re wandering seeking prey animals (generally rodents), water, or shelter. This is becoming more and more common due to urban development in places snakes have lived in for generations.

24/7 Rattlesnake Removal

  • 24/7 availability
  • Top-priority response
  • Removal of additional rattlesnakes, if found

Property Inspections

  • Residential, commercial, and large property clearing (of snakes)
  • Debris clearing (checking/moving debris to remove potential snakes)
  • Primary objective: removal of rattlesnakes discovered (or all snakes discovered if requested)
  • Monthly & weekly scheduling available in rattlesnake-prone regions

On-site Information

  • Key snake information
  • Pointing out potential trouble spots on your property
  • Have questions while we’re there? Ask away!

All Services, Including 24/7 Service

Placer Snake Removal offers all services, including 24/7 emergency rattlesnake removal service throughout western Placer, El Dorado County, Nevada, & eastern Sacramento county, which includes the following cities: Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, Penryn, Newcastle, Auburn, Granite Bay, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, Diamond Springs, Placerville, Coloma, Pilot Hill, Grass Valley, and any cities/towns between.

Scheduled Response Services

Inspections of properties known to, or likely house rattlesnakes, is available by scheduling across a much broader region of northern California, and is available across portions of Tehama county, Glenn county, Colusa county, Yolo county, Solano county, Napa county, Sonoma county, Lake county, Mendocino county in the west, and Tuolumne county, Calaveras county, Amador county, Yuba county, Sierra county, Butte county, and Plumas county in the east. This includes the following cities & towns, and any nearby/in-between: Corning, Lodoga, Elk Creek, Paskenta, Stonyford, Rumsey, Knoxville, Guinda, Spanish Flat, Napa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Cloverdale, Lakeport, Clearlake, Hidden Valley Lake, the Sutter Buttes, Oroville, Chico, Paradise, Browns Valley, Jackson, San Andreas, Copperopolis, Sutter Creek, Angels Camp, Sonora, and Columbia.

We can and certainly will go outside of our normal zone for rattlesnake-related matters. If you have any questions at all, or would like to set something up, give us a buzz or shoot an email.