We Strive for Affordability

When it comes to the removal of snakes — especially rattlesnakes — it isn’t always the easiest task to complete. Sometimes the capture can take a fair amount of work, such as cutting a trapped snake out of mesh or bird netting (a very tedious and risky task), having to coax a snake out of a rock wall, or even dig them out of a burrow. Sometimes snakes like to move from the first place they were seen (this is why we ask to keep an eye on the snake while we respond), requiring a meticulous sweep of the area to find the snake. Additionally, there tends to be a fair amount of transportation involved with this service — including response to your location, back to base, then back off to a relocation site.

Finally, working with snakes isn’t the safest line of work. We know what we’re doing and have been doing it through much of our lives, have the equipment to do it safely, effectively, and humanely. We’ve studied the way these animals behave and react to certain situations and try to use this experience to try figuring out why a snake may be where it’s at, where it’s gone, and what you can to do lower the chances of recurrence.

Have a rattlesnake?

  • We’re available 24/7, call our hotline at (916) 509-1087 to get a response started swiftly
  • Keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance while we respond (we promise to be as fast as possible)

The Reason We’re Around

Plenty of bites happen when people try to capture snakes themselves or attempt to kill them. This risk can cost days or weeks of time spent in the hospital, unimaginable pain, and in rare cases more. Think of it this way: the cost of a removal or inspection is far, far less than the potential effects and treatment of a venomous snake bite to yourself, others, and pets.

Cost of a Rattlesnake Bite vs. Removal

Rattlesnake bite cost, based on average medical bills publicly available.

Rattlesnake removal cost, based on common removal locations.

Treatment for a rattlesnake bite, or basically any venomous animal, can be (very) expensive. On average, a vile of antivenom runs around $2,000 on the low end of the spectrum. It can and frequently does take dozens of viles to offset the effects of venom depending on the person and the severity of the envenomation. The antivenom, plus the hospital treatment/room itself can run the total bill into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if you’re insured, treatment can have a hefty cost due to the immense overall cost of the treatment. Given this, we hope you choose not to try to catch a snake without proper equipment or training, let alone kill it.

Base Pricing

Rattlesnake Removal

Placer County

Rocklin: $125

Lincoln, Loomis & Roseville: $130 – $150

Granite Bay, Penryn, & Newcastle: $140 – $180

Auburn: $145 – $180

Meadow Vista, Applegate, Colfax $180 – $220

El Dorado County

El Dorado Hills: $150 – $180

Pilot Hill & Coloma: $180 – $200

Shingle Springs & Placerville: $190 – $240

Nevada County

Nevada City, Grass Valley, Penn Valley, & Smartville: $250 – $280

Alta Sierra, Chicago Park, & Lake of the Pines: $190 – $240

Sacramento County

Folsom: $150 – $180

Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Gold River: $160 – $180

Rancho Murieta: $220 – $250

Pricing is for basic rattlesnake removal. If a rattlesnake is under a building, or a similar circumstance in which it’s a much more hefty task, additional fees are possible.

Property Inspections

Placer County

Variable upon location & property size. Call or shoot an email along for an estimate.

El Dorado County

Variable upon location & property size. Call or shoot an email along for an estimate.

Nevada County

Variable upon location & property size. Call or shoot an email along for an estimate.

Sacramento County

Variable upon location & property size. Call or shoot an email along for an estimate.


Longer distance out? Shoot us an email or call us for a quote as well. We strive to be as affordable as possible.