We’re Serious

Much of interior northern California was settled on habitat that snakes have lived on for far longer than we have. Across the eastern side of the central valley and into the foothills, many of those who reside here will encounter snakes from time-to-time. Helping to deal with these run-ins is Placer Snake Removal’s mission and reason for existence. We offer emergency rattlesnake removal service to Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento, and Nevada counties on a 24/7 basis. No matter the time we’ll flop out of bed or stop petting an adorable bunny to respond. And we love it.

Have a rattlesnake?

  • We’re available 24/7, call our hotline at (916) 509-1087 to get a response started swiftly
  • Keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance while we respond (we promise to be as fast as possible)

Rattlesnake Removal

  • 24/7 availability
  • Top-priority response
  • Removal of additional rattlesnakes, if found
  • Den site clearing
If a rattlesnake needs immediate removal, you’re in good hands — we specialize in emergency service situations. Swift response and safe removal are our favorite cup of tea, and we enjoy it often.

Property Inspections

  • Primary objective: removal of potential rattlesnakes on-site
  • Locating and targeting hotspots to find snakes and help the property owner reduce future encounters
  • Residential, commercial, and large rural properties
If rattlesnakes are a common issue, or you’re simply taking precautions for the future, property inspections are a very popular service to remove any potential snakes and identify what may be drawing snakes into your yard, property, or business.

Consulting & Snake Education

  • Bust common misconceptions and myths surrounding snakes
  • Explain how rattlesnakes live interesting, intricate social lives
  • Sum up favorable habitat and regions rattlesnakes are most common
Whether we’re talking to those who’ve called us out on a rattlesnake removal call or at a dedicated education event, we’re thrilled to talk about the intricate lives of rattlesnakes. Additionally, there’s mountains of misconceptions and myths floating about that require debunking. Providing information to help reduce and deal with future encounters is also a high priority no matter the setting.