Placer Snake Removal

We’re a safe, humane rattlesnake removal service happily resolving snake-human encounters across northern California. Whether you need a snake removed immediately or are worried about rattlesnakes on your property, we’re here and happy to help.

Licensed, bonded, & insured.

Placer Snake Removal

We’re a safe, humane rattlesnake removal service happily resolving snake-human encounters across northern California. Whether you need a snake removed immediately or are worried about rattlesnakes on your property, we’re here and happy to help.

Licensed, bonded, & insured.

24/7 Rattlesnake Removal

Living alongside snakes is something a lot of northern Californians deal with. Snakes don’t mean to bump into us. We exist in places they also do, making encounters with snakes difficult to 100% avoid. Placer Snake Removal aims to help mend the relationship between people and snakes by getting our scaly neighbors relocated to places where people don’t live, and help you determine how to limit future encounters.

We’ll come out to your home, property, or business to safely remove a rattlesnake you need gone, no matter the day or time. Make your next encounter a safe one by giving us a call, we don’t bite.

We aren’t a pest control company. We specialize in working with these animals, meaning no ineffective sprays or witchcraft sprinkled around your home.

Additionally, snakes aren’t pests. They’re key predators to small critters in the ecosystem, and don’t deserve death because they’re venomous — wolves and mountain lions for instance are also predators in their section of the ecosystem and aren’t killed nearly as often as rattlesnakes are just for being out and about.

In regard to the human aspect of a snake encounter, we treat everyone we work with like friends & family, and go out of our way to help folks feel safe & comfortable during a visit or even over a simple phone call. Additionally, we’re licensed, insured, and bonded for the surety of everyone involved.

Lastly, there’s far too much nonsense and unethical practices used by others. We on the other hand, utilize life-long experience, science, top-grade equipment, and practices used by professionals — skipping the nonsense you may see on reality T.V.


If you’ve got a rattlesnake at your home or business that needs immediate removal, we take pride in our fast, immediate response to make the situation safe for you.

  • 24/7 professional service. Call us anytime to get a rattlesnake removed!
  • Removal from under structures such as decks, homes, or sheds
  • Determine why the snake may have stopped by

If you want to feel safer on your property, you can have us thoroughly inspect your property to see if any rattlesnakes are present. If they are, we’ll remove them for you. Additionally, we can provide advice on how to reduce future snake encounters and give you general safety information.

  • Determine if snakes are living on the property
  • Removal of rattlesnakes on the property
  • Identify ways to prevent future encounters

Snakes are secretive, interesting animals. Chances are there’s some cool facts we’ll drop on you during a visit – and feel free to ask us any questions about the animals. We’d be happy to answer them.

  • Get your snake questions answered
  • Help determine how to mitigate future risk
  • Describe general behavior of rattlesnakes
Our dog was bitten by a large male rattlesnake in our backyard. I called Tyler immediately after I went to the veterinarian clinic. He was over within 30 minutes, professional, unafraid, and very calm as he walked through the backyard and through the bushes and dark areas and eventually found a large rattlesnake inside the edge of the Rockwall.
With a garden hose and flashlight, he was able to pull the 2 1/2 foot male rattlesnake out and into a bucket. He was gone and done in less than an hour. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to remove rattlesnakes fairly quickly.
A big THANK YOU to Tyler and his quick response removing a baby rattlesnake from our barbecue patio!!
Amazing response and terrific service. Tyler was at our house in 18 min when he gave an estimate of 25. He carefully and humanly removed the rattle snake from under our walkway. Would recommend to anyone. Don’t try and take care of it yourself. Just call the pro and have it taken care of!!!! Thanks Tyler!!!
Today was the third time using placer snake removal, once back in 2013 and twice this week. All 3 times the response time was excellent the prices fair and the rattlesnakes were on the way to a better home. The last one was a bit tricky to get, loosened a few gazebo floor boards, sprayed some water and they got him out. I would not want to attempt that myself. We are hoping not to find anymore, but with 5 acres and a lot of rocks I'm guessing we will and if so we will call again. I highly recommend, the service was great
Thanks to Tyler for removing our problem child today! He had found his way into our garage and was relaxing there in a tidy little coil! Happy relocation to Tarzan the rattlesnake!.
We couldn't be more grateful for your service! Tyler from Placer Snake Removal was very courteous on the phone. I sent him a photo of the snake on our property after our phone chat and within seconds he called me back... confirming we had a rattlesnake! He drove out to our home asap to remove it. Thank you so much!!!!!! Our entire family thanks you!
Had them come out to my dads awhile back. Even checked out other areas on the property where there could have been others (rock outcropping, etc). Professional and humane!
Thanks so much for your quick response today! I was panicked. I would recommend your company any day... great job! Deena.
Came out within 30 minutes of calling and took care of a rattle snake my five year old found curled up in a tree.
Tyler is very professional. He came out in the evening on short notice. Spent time digging and flushing the snake out to finally remove it from my property. Thank you!
Much to our surprise, there was a 2 foot long rattle snake in our courtyard tonight! We called the city non-emergency number and the woman there gave us two phone numbers to try, but they were useless, both went to voicemail. Then a friend told us to try Placer snake removal. I got Tyler on the phone right away, and he got to our house in 25 minutes. And he immediately was able to find the rattlesnake, grab it with a tool, and put it in a bucket and took it away. He was really friendly and knowledgeable and fantastic. Highly recommend
I found a snake skin in my yard this morning and immediately panicked thinking it was a rattlesnake skin. I started googling snake skins and found Placer Snake Removal. On their website it says they will identify a snake via text message so I sent the photos over. Sure enough, within 20 minutes I had a response from Tyler identifying it as an alligator lizard. I'm so relieved!

Placer Snake Removal in the Media

Placer Snake Removal offers all of our services, including 24/7 emergency rattlesnake removal service throughout western Placer, El Dorado County, Nevada, Yuba, Amador, Sacramento, & Yolo counties. This includes the following cities and towns: Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, Penryn, Newcastle, Auburn, Foresthill, Weimar, Colfax, Meadow Vista, Lake of the Pines, Alta Sierra, Georgetown, Nevada City, Granite Bay, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, Latrobe, Rancho Murieta, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, Diamond Springs, Placerville, Coloma, Pilot Hill, Grass Valley, Sutter Creek, Plymouth, Ione, Jackson, Woodland, Yolo, Dunnigan, Guinda, Esparto, Winters, as well as any cities or towns near & in-between.

Inspections of properties known to, or likely house rattlesnakes, is available by scheduling across a much broader region of northern California, and is available across portions of Tehama county, Glenn county, Colusa county, Yolo county, Solano county, Napa county, Sonoma county, Lake county, Mendocino county in the west, and Tuolumne county, Calaveras county, Amador county, Yuba county, Sierra county, Butte county, and Plumas county in the east. This includes the following cities & towns, and any nearby/in-between: Corning, Lodoga, Elk Creek, Paskenta, Stonyford, Rumsey, Knoxville, Guinda, Spanish Flat, Napa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Cloverdale, Lakeport, Clearlake, Hidden Valley Lake, the Sutter Buttes, Oroville, Chico, Paradise, Browns Valley, Jackson, San Andreas, Copperopolis, Sutter Creek, Angels Camp, Sonora, and Columbia.

We can and certainly will go outside of our normal zone for rattlesnake-related matters. If you have any questions at all, or would like to set something up, give us a buzz or shoot an email.