About Us

Placer Snake Removal brings professionalism and specific expertise of rattlesnake behavior to your home or business. Not just to remove rattlesnakes, but to perhaps explain how or why the snake chose the specific spot and how you can legitimately reduce future snake encounters.

Placer Snake Removal isn’t the only rattlesnake removal service in the area. There’s a handful. So, what makes us so dang special?

Well, here’s why we tout ourselves as a “no-nonsense” business. This industry is plagued by misinformation by some of those who claim to be “professionals”. We have studied these animals from birth to adulthood, and know the ins and outs of their behavior quite well compared to plenty of others out there.

We leave behind the reality TV style of snake handling. We aren’t going to be grabbing snakes with our hands and a flimsy stick while an orchestra plays dramatic music. We come equipped to capture the snake safely and effectively.

It’s been our goal since the beginning to leave homes and businesses with the snake that brought us there safely in a bucket, and the people who found it relieved and informed. Additionally, we are a licensed, insured, & bonded business – to insure the surety and safety of everyone involved.

Need a snake removed?

  • We’re available 24/7, call our hotline at (916) 509-1087 to get a response started swiftly
  • Keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance while we respond (we promise to be as fast as possible)

Our Roots

Placer Snake Removal was founded in 2012 by Tyler Young, an amateur field herpetologist, after many prior years photographing these animals. This was in an effort to conserve our species of rattlesnake, the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, and help give people a better understanding their livelihood which is more interesting than most think.

Rattlesnake Removal - Placer Snake Removal

Tyler spent much of his life forecasting northern California’s weather on his blog norcalweather.net, and once he began working with snakes in his early-teens, quickly linked snake activity & behavior to weather conditions at the time. Now, just about everything a snake does can be partially explained by the temperature, cloud cover percentage, precipitation, and more. Every time a snake is removed or worked with, information is collected and used for in-house behavior examination related to weather conditions.

Once Placer Snake Removal was launched in 2012, it wasn’t more than a couple weeks before calls started trickling in. Now, the hotline is nearly constantly ringing, and the amount of snakes we’ve captured and relocated increases several hundred each year. Just as importantly, the amount of people we work with and leave feeling informed and relieved increases by wild numbers as well. Next time a snake makes your week a little more interesting, give us a call and we’ll ensure it’s safe, yet interesting.