COVID-19 Procedure, Update 4

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(Update) As of July 5th, a renewed increase in COVID-19 infections that has been ramping up since mid-June continues. If this increase continues, we believe many counties we work in will begin reconsidering planned reopening plans or at least hit the pause button. While we didn’t change our procedure in early May or early June as new infection counts were rather low, we certainly won’t be changing them now as this second, rapid uptick of new infections continues into more of the month of July. Since March, we’ve begun carrying masks and will wear one if asked or if required even in outdoor environments depending on local rules and authority. We’ll do what we can as requested by folks we work with, and will be glad to do so.

Placer Snake Removal is operating normally as of July 5th, aside from giving folks extra space, wearing a mask if requested, and staying on top of hand washing between service calls. We are responding to both emergency service rattlesnake removal calls and preforming property inspections as we would any other year. Of course, we are practicing social distancing from folks we work with, and if possible, taking care of payment digitally or other forms of physically limited routes. Aside from that, we are gladly working with folks to ensure safety of people, pets, and snakes alike as we would any other year.

If you have any questions regarding safety procedure on our part during this time, we’d be glad to help answer any questions you have.

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