Through the darkness, you may be able to notice a couple intertwined tails of a pair of rattlesnakes feeling the love.

A Granite Bay family who just moved into their new home was greeted by a scaly neighbor seeing if they had any mice around to snack on.

Gardener thought a sprinkler was acting up, but was surprised when it kept sounding off even with the water turned off.

A very full snake trying to leave his dining room (a barn).

A little example of biological diversity outside a preschool.

A small house guest that found its way into the kitchen via a open slider door.

An out of place sprinkler in Granite Bay.

Someone taking advantage of the shade under a rose bush.

A not so stable fence post.

Lincoln entryway visitor.

Rancho Cordova Olympic swimmer.

A large rock wall hotel resident.

Something the family cat found in the ivy. It wasn’t quite a sprinkler.

A rattlesnake looking nice for the camera on a summer evening.

A juvenile waiting under the grill for some burgers in Rocklin.

Loomis rattlesnake waiting to help with gardening.

Small rattlesnake in Placerville waiting for a mouse to scurry by in a barn.

A Rocklin resident hanging out in the leaves on a cool April morning.

An Auburn specimen undercover in some bushes waiting for food to scurry by.

Another wannabe fence post, this one in Rocklin.

A very large rattlesnake snuggled up against a hot tub in Auburn.