Spring 2021 Inspection Requests

In 2020, Placer Snake Removal tested an idea where folks who wanted a thorough property inspection as soon as conditions reached the thresholds we look for when rattlesnakes become very active get contacted to set up a visit, and it was rather successful. This year, we’re doing the same thing — except as you can see, anyone can now hop on the list to hear from us as soon as weather conditions reach the point where rattlesnakes become super active at the surface.

This is excellent for folks who want to take extra precautions this year to potentially lower rattlesnake encounter rates, or for folks who have recently moved to a new home or property and want to start the warm season with a thorough search to determine what can be expected snake-wise. Plenty of folks also hop onboard who just want to know what is happening on their property rattlesnake wise, and just like the other folks, to have any potential rattlesnakes residing on the property removed to avoid a potential encounter with them later in the season.

What can you expect from an inspection during rattlesnake emergence season?

A variety of different things. First, we’ll locate and remove any potential rattlesnakes that are present. Then, we’ll identify and point out some of the most likely habitat & areas that rattlesnakes could be drawn to. This information is excellent to keep in mind to give some space or work around during the season, especially if it’s stuff that can’t really be changed or removed. Next, we’ll locate things that are indeed adjustable or removable, that are also attractive to rattlesnake — giving you some ideas on how to reduce some of your rattlesnake encounter odds.

If you’re interested, simply submit your request below & we’ll reach out to you when ideal rattlesnake activity conditions are on the horizon!