Spring 2021 Inspection Requests

In 2020, Placer Snake Removal tested an idea where folks who wanted a thorough property inspection as soon as conditions reached the thresholds we look for when rattlesnakes become very active get contacted to set up a visit, and it was rather successful. This year, we’re doing the same thing — except as you can see, anyone can now hop on the list to hear from us as soon as weather conditions reach the point where rattlesnakes become super active at the surface.

This is excellent for folks who want to take extra precautions this year to potentially lower rattlesnake encounter rates, or for folks who have recently moved to a new home or property and want to start the warm season with a thorough search to determine what can be expected snake-wise. That said, plenty of folks who are well-established at their homes & properties also benefited from these spring season inspections who also wanted an added layer of understanding & knowledge in regard to rattlesnakes on their properties.

What can you expect from an inspection during rattlesnake emergence season?

A variety of different things! First, we’ll locate and remove any potential rattlesnakes that are present. Then, we’ll identify and highlight any permanent high quality habitat & areas that rattlesnakes could be drawn to throughout the season, in addition to any potential habitat that can be adjusted or removed by you to mitigate and limit future encounters in & around these areas. Aside from these property-specific pieces of information, there are often plenty of questions home & property owners have in regard to rattlesnakes that we’re always keen on answering, giving folks a boost of confidence going forward into the rest of the upcoming snake season.

An inspection during the spring season will also determine if any rattlesnakes spend the winter anywhere on your property. This is often the cause of rattlesnake sightings on properties relatively early in the season (January – March), in addition to being one of the potential reasons why some folks encounter numerous rattlesnakes each season.

Sign up below to start off this warm season with an added layer of rattlesnake safety & knowledge, or feel free to get in contact with us by any means if you have any questions.